Animoka Studios is an award-winning animation studio founded in 2009. Over the years, the independent studio has increased its reputation in the international market thanks to the high quality of its animation products.
Backed up with 25 years of experience in production, we are specialized in: ANIMATION – IP CREATION – VFX/CGI.

Renowned specialists in working in classical and new media, TV, cinema, web, including advertising, fashion, sports, art and museums and music concerts. Respected experts in overseas production management.

Since 2001 we develop project (from project to completion) for TV series, short films, 2D animation, illustrations, comics, editorial design and branding.

Enanimation is an independent production company operating in Turin since 2003, playing an active role both from the financial and creative point of view especially in the animation domain.

Galactus is a production company and creative agency specializing in high impact audio visual content, with a strong artistic focus, cooperating with the leading operators in the Italian television and cinematic scene. 

Gertie, founded in 1993, is an independent production company specialized in animation, transmedia and publishing.
Beginning with the know-how acquired in 20 years of production activity and market experience, Graphilm aims to consolidate and expand its role as a high-quality producer in the field of animated TV series and feature films, distinguished by stylistic concepts and choices that are up to date with market trends.
La Jinglebell nata nel 1981 l è da sempre molto attiva nel settore del doppiaggio e della creazione di colonne sonore effetti e musicali per i maggiori broadcaster e per le OTT. Dispone di sei studi di registrazione, sale mix e sale di post-produzione.
L&C focus is on social issue docs and animation. All our works are produced in house using Open Source software for CGI and 2D animation. In the last years we focused on new media content management and production, creating and distributing content online.
Lastrego & Testa Multimedia is an independent animation studio by Francesco Testa and Cristina Lastrego.

The productions, attentive to visual quality and pedagogical approach, tend to develop the creativity of children orienting them towards the values of cooperation and solidarity.

They are based on the drawings by Cristina Lastrego and texts by Francesco Testa, transformed into digital cut out animations in the tradition of their maestro Emanuele Luzzati.

Lynx Multimedia Factory is a kids’ entertainment Italian company, based in Rome and Milan, with a calling for multimedia and a strong international appeal.

MAD means “eulogy of madness”, the “healthy” madness that led our team to create a unique place in Naples.
A young factory where strong skills come from different creative and professional experiences.

Mash&Co – “Emotional intelligence made fun” is a trans-media production studio focused on creating a universe for children and families. The studio creates contents and new digital experiences with social impact purpose, teaching children transversal skills to raise awareness on topics such as ecology, social inclusion, empathy.

Melazeta is the digital agency founded in 1998 with offices in Modena and Milan.
The focus has always been digital branded entertainment because Melazeta has always firmly believed that engagement is the main boost for marketing, loyalty and education.
Mupi Studio is an animation production company specialized in innovative contents, transmedia and crossmedia project, TV series, multimedia visual contents and graphics.

ONARTS is an Italian content company of animated and multimedia productions based in Catania, whose first goal is to develop animated television series aimed mainly at kids and families.

Primal Shape is an independent animation company offering high-quality animation services and a broad experience ranging from Feature Films to TV series, Commercials, Cinematics, Games and VR.

The group operates in the children and teenager entertainment industry, ranking among the main international companies for the creation, development and licensing of animated and live action content for TV and cinema productions

The Red Monk Studio is a creative studio born in 2017 from the ten-year experience of Corrado Diodà and Lucia Geraldine Scott.
The company is mainly focused on the production of audiovisual contents for television and advertising.

Sattva Films production & schoolwas founded in 2005, it favors international coproduction according to European quality standards, is interested in promoting copyright projects: animated films, creation documentaries, feature films for the hall. If necessary, it is also a distributor of its productions.
Showlab is a television production company with offices in three major Italian cities: Turin, Milan and Rome. The heart of the company is comprised of three specific professional areas:
Studio Campedelli was founded in 2008 by Pietro Campedelli with the aim to develop properties, acquire rights and create high potential animation products.

Francesco Catarinolo and Carlo Misischi founded Studio Pandora in 2012. By sharing their experiences in the field of Video Production the goal was to search innovative languages and solutions to break the mold.

Square is one of the most famous Italian post-production houses, with two locations in the center of Milan, one in Rome, 200 meters from the RAI headquarters in London and Stratford area.

Team Entertainment is an independent company of Brand Management and an active player in the National and International Licensing & Merchandising, TV Distribution and Co-productions projects and Productions for web and TV.

T-REX Digimation is a company founded in 2004 by Andrea Zingoni to create, produce and coordinate the writing, sound editing, music production and pre-visual production of animated series created and directed by himself.
Milan based TRION PICTURES is a production company specializing in animation – but also with an eye to the live production. Our philosophy is the development in collaboration with Italian and international professionals and producers of strong concepts, both in contents and commercially.


Vallaround Creative Contents is a production and service studio focused on animation, storytelling and transmedia creative contents. We provide several services such as motion graphics, paperless , cut-out, 2d-3d animation and visual effects. Wespecialize in Toon Boom pipeline and technology.