Melazeta is the digital agency founded in 1998 with offices in Modena and Milan.
The focus has always been digital branded entertainment because Melazeta has always firmly believed that engagement is the main boost for marketing, loyalty and education.
Designing and creating ludic environments and game based contents for over 15 years, it is able to make the most of gamification theories, translating them into multichannel deliverables. Constant R&D focuses on how to merge the physical and the virtual, in technological and creative terms, in the best possible way.
An in-house team of expert designers, developers and animators has created over 600 online and FB games, around 45 apps for iOS and Android devices, Augmented Reality applications for totems and motion graphics videos with exclusive characters. Our projects include but are not limited to games for Mpg Ferrero, games for Violetta and Disney, Geox Kids, the tool MyPanini, and the Rainbow Winx apps, as well as the “Serial Griller” game app.

Since 2007 Melazeta has been part of the Banzia web consulting division, since 2013 a member of DOING, and today is a member of Applix Group.


Via Tacito 55, Modena

Tel: 059/847320