LAW November 14, 2016, n. 220. Discipline of the cinema and the audiovisual. Leggi tutto
“Nefertine on the Nile” signed by Maurizio Forestieri and produced by Graphilm, Cyber Group Studios and Rai Fiction was chosen by the international jury composed of Eleonora Andreatta, Firdoze Bulbulia, Richard Garriott, Maura Regan and Orion Ross as the winner in the TV Pilot category. This is the motivation: “For Leggi tutto
During the Cartoons on the Bay, Rai Com’s television and cross-media animation festival, the results of the States General of Animation were presented, taking stock of the progress of the proposals. The speakers were Maurizio Forestieri, president of ASIFA Italy, Anne-Sophie Vanhollebeke, president of Cartoon Italia , and Stefano Balassone, Leggi tutto
ASIFA and CARTOON ITALIA, have won the GIUSEPPE LAGANA’ award for the short film -MERLOT- by Marta Gennari and Giulia Martinelli. The GIUSEPPE LAGANA’ award set up and promoted by ASIFA ITALIA and CARTOON ITALIA and which will be repeated every year, was delivered for the first time to the Leggi tutto
Together, Cartoon Italia and ASIFA have created the theme song for the 20 years of Cartoons on the Bay Leggi tutto