beQ entertainment

beQ entertainment is a worldwide company specialized in:


Full service project management, scheduling, budgeting. Consultancy for projects, studios, artists (creative, technical, financial).
Help to find cooperating & co-production partners, outsource studios.
Representing Italian and foreign companies, artists, projects abroad, managing their projects, services, and ideas. Professional database building based on the client’s needs.

IP creators.
We help you with your own IP’s finding tenders, managing applications, cost accounting.
Our services include, IP Development, Pitching / Presentation, Executive production.
We are equity experts: Tax rebate consultancy, rights management for your productions.
We attend most of the International festivals and markets.

ANIMATION (2D, 3D, stop motion)
R&D, project development, pre-production for animation, EFX, film.
Setting up studios, teams in Italy, India, USA for your projects, based on your needs.
We can do Team Management / Leading / Facility Supervision and pipeline development.
We can help you with the Studio Infrastructure and set-up and we do talent recruitment (talent acquisition, team building, executive search).

Computer graphic, visual effects and animation services.
Delivering visual effects from pre-production to final completion, from Script Breakdown to Bidding. Included is the studio management, setting up studios, teams in Italy, India, and the USA for your projects, based on your individual needs.
Some of the tasks we can manage for you: On Set Supervision, Pre-visualization, Compositing, Direction / Creative Direction, Client Facing.