MUPI Studio

Mupi Studio is an animation production company specialized in innovative contents, transmedia and crossmedia project, TV series, multimedia visual contents and graphics. Mupi Studio’s know how goes from the ideation of a concept to the final realization of a project. Born from the fusion of the different experiences of its founders, Ugo Murgia and Carmela Pignatelli, its strength resides in the ability to unite these skills and continuously adapt to a world and a market in rapid evolution. Each project is managed in a unique way, choosing every time skilled, talented and experienced partners to work with. The key activities of the company are: creative concept creation, concept art, animation, short film production, tv series, art direction, post-production, music and sound design, products design and gadgets for Licensing. Mupi Studio’s aim is to create innovative contents for the International market.


Ugo Murgia: Managing Director

Carmela Pignatelli: Art Director



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