Rainbow Group was founded in 1995 by Iginio Straffi, President and CEO. The group operates in the children and teenager entertainment industry, ranking among the main international companies for the creation, development and licensing of animated and live action content for TV and cinema productions, as well as for the production of animated content for third parties integrated with the acquisition of Canadian studios Bardel Entertainment in 2015. The Group also broadened its offer of TV and movie products dedicated to adults and families with the acquisition of Iven Group in 2017. With 20 years of history behind, today the group can boast a wide product portfolio aired in over 100 countries through different broadcasting platforms. In the consumer products industry, the group ranks in the top positions on the annual Top 150 Global Licensors List and is 1st in Europe, with more than 500 licensees worldwide.



Title 44 Cats
Production Rainbow
In collaboration with Antoniano Bologna
Distribution in Italy Rai Yoyo + Nickelodeon
Duration 52 episodes x 13mins
Style 3D CGI
Genre Comedy
Target demo 4-7 y.o.
Description: 44 Cats follows the adventures of a group of feline musicians. The stories explore the themes of friendship, altruism and helping others.

Title Winx Club Season 8
Production Rainbow SpA, Rai
Distribution in Italy Rai Yoyo
Duration 26 episodes half hours
Style 2D HD animation
Genre Adventure, action, comedy
Target demo 5-10 y.o.
Description: The Winx fairies embark on a cosmic adventure that will lead them to the farthest reaches of the Magic Universe to save the stars themselves!

Title Regal Academy Season 1 and 2
Production Rainbow SpA
In collaboration with Rai
Distribution in Italy Rai Yoyo
Duration 52 episodes half hours
Style 2D HD toonshade animation
Genre Comedy
Target demo 5-10 y.o.
Description: Fairytales come to life at Regal Academy, where Rose Cinderella and her classmates must combine study with dealing with their families!


Via Brecce
Loreto (AN) – Italy
+39 07175067500

CRISTIANA BUZZELLI – SVP, Licensing and Acquisitions
ANDREA GRACIOTTI – Head of Sales & CoProduction
Referent for the association: LUANA PERRERO – Head of Sales, TV – luana.perrero@rbw.it – tel 071 75067571