Panebarco, founded in 1995 by former cartoonist Daniele Panebarco, was focused on the production of multimedia and interactive titles; over the years it has changed its business model, always keeping an eye on the evolution of new technologies and innovation.
For over 15 years, Panebarco has been realizing cartoons and motion graphics contents, special effects and video post-production, working mainly in the advertising sector.
As an independent production company, Panebarco produced the 3D animated short film “Caramelle”, released in 2022.
At the moment Panebarco is working as service in the production of a 2D animated feature film entitled “Arf” directed by Anna Russo and Simona Cornacchia, produced by Genoma in association with Margutta Studios and Showlab S.r.l.
The company also has two short films and a a 3D animated feature film in the pipeline, an animated TV series in development, and it’is building the minority co-production on the Bulgarian film “For you”.

Company activities: 
Post-production and vfx

“Caramelle”, directed by Matteo Panebarco, is a Panebarco production in association with Mediterraneo Cinematografica. It’s the first WeShort Originals. A Prem1ere film distribution. The film is supported by Emilia Romagna through Emilia Romagna Film Commission, MIC and Comune di Ravenna.

Spot TV Big Babol 2023
Agenzia Selection
Directed by Maria Guidone
Made for Spook

2d animated film – currently in production.
Directed by Anna Russo and Simona Cornacchia,
a Genoma production in association with Margutta Studios
and in collaboration with Panebarco S.r.l.


Panebarco S.r.l.
Via Molino, 9
48121 Ravenna
Phone: 0544-35012
Referente: Marianna Panebarco