ONARTS is an Italian content company of animated and multimedia productions based in Catania, whose first goal is to develop animated television series aimed mainly at kids and families.

Some content, in particular, is intended to represent a production effort of a more authorial style, enhancing the technical, creative and narrative skills of this working group.

Since 2011, the ONARTS studio has been developing original IPs with the intention of joining the supply chain of large productions and distributions of animated series for the OTT and IPTV platforms.

To date, the ONARTS studio has produced and continues to develop content, mostly for advertising purposes, for multiplex cinema chains and all companies that wish to use the cartoon as a communication model for their products and content.


ONARTS™ Animation Studios
Via del Fasano 49/A
95123 – Catania, Italy
website: www.onartsanimation.com

Dipartimento amministrativo
Phone: (+39) 393 01 20 334
email: dan.strano@onartsanimation.com

Dipartimento creativo:
Phone: (+39) 095 09 07 115
email: produzione@onartsanimation.com