Rain Frog

At Rain Frog, we take care of every “sound” aspect of our customer’s projects. From sound design to original soundtracks, from multi-language dubbing to music rights management. We don’t simply provide a service, we provide a partner in crime, and most of all, our customers’ audience can feel it! The Critics and the Audience of Tear Along the Dotted Line, the multi-award-winning Netflix Original series, could feel it. They felt it in Topo Gigio, in The Game Catchers in Alice & Lewis, in Elvis Riboldi, in When I Was Your Age and in several other animated series made with Rain Frog contribution.

Thanks to almost 30 years of experience, Rain Frog is a crossroads of skills and talents ready to create a better sound.


Via  Guglielmo Pepe, 32
20159 – Milano (MI)
Phone: + 39 02 45070 550‬

Giuseppe Franchi – CEO and Founder
Barbara Berrino – SVP Head of Production

Website: www.rainfrog.it
Email: info@rainfrog.it