Team Entertainment

Team Entertainment is an independent company of Brand Management and an active player in the National and International Licensing & Merchandising, TV Distribution and Co-productions projects and Productions for web and TV.


We represent properties like The Day Henry Met…?, Calimero, Coconut Dragon, Spike Team, Grisù and brands like Pure Norway, Catsline,WRC,  V19.69Italia, Montenapoleone1/MN1, Nici, Milano Vola Alto, Just Kiss.
We have started developing the art business with Sigis Vinylism and TV and web projects with a brand extension into the retail market.
We have added a new area, the Advertising and have in our catalogue 3 publications relating to sports, health, well-being, lifestyle and automotive worlds and a successful Television Format.

Company activities:

  • Produzione
  • Distribuzione
  • Licensing & Merchandising




Via Melchiorre Gioia 72,
20125 Milan (MI)
Phone. (+39)
Fax (+39)

Referent: Maria Romanelli