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Musicartoon is an animation production company based in Rome since 1994.
The company is co-producer of “The adventures of Hocus & Lotus”, a tv series realized in partnership
with D.I.T.I. and Rai Fiction.
Musicartoon also co-produced the animated tv series “The extraordinary adventures of Jules Verne”
broadcasted on Rai channels since autum 2013.
Together with DeAgostini group Musicartoon produced “Egyxos”, a boy-oriented tv series broadcasted
on channel Super! since february 2015, with high audience ratings.
Musicartoon also realized some Tv series projects such as “Marfy of Dreams” and “Gaga in space”, both
supported by Media Programme.
“Gaga in space” is currently a Tv series project in development with Lynx Mutimedia Factory and Rai


Viale Platone, 24
00136 Roma
referenti: Sabrina Callipari